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Monday, July 24, 2006


It's mine.

That's my motto if I find it in the washing machine.

Over the weekend I found $23 floating around among the darks.

Because the load contained several pairs of pants, I figured my man forgot to empty his pockets.

Oh well ... his loss since I make the laundry rules.

I felt like I discovered hidden treasure. Then I realized all the pants in the load were mine.

Disappointed, I washed his balled-up socks in the next load as is.


Anonymous Pete said...

...Gives new meaning to the term,"money laundering" then,eh?
I recently did laundry out at a laundramat in Spring Lake.
During the emptying process I found several white tee shirts and a set of restaurant white uniforms that were mixed in with my tightey whiteys.
Someone came along and thought my dryer was their's.
Well,turnabout being fair play,I moved the whites into someone else's dryer and went home.
Poor Jose...hope he found his things.

Mon Jul 24, 09:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Scud do his own laundry?

Mon Jul 24, 02:34:00 PM  
Blogger Diana Fasanella said...

Scud aka Spud has been know to do laundry from time to time. I really don't mind doing it, though. I'd much rather do that than windows or floors. And every now and then it pays off when you find a little $23 tip, even if it was mine in the first place!

Mon Jul 24, 02:58:00 PM  
Anonymous dmc said...

I like what Pete said, new meaning to money laundering....ha

I never find $$$ in the washer, always in tbe dryer.

It gives me incentive to go home and do laundry. NOT!

Mon Jul 24, 03:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always swept my kid's room, especially under the beds. The change I found, as well as the dust, became mine.What treasures!!!!

Mon Jul 24, 04:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Jacob Morris said...

So happy you have that extra cash-time for tuna salad lunch!

Mon Jul 24, 05:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

growing up, the sofa cushions were the family 's piggybank..finding money in washer/dryer is "pay dirt" I guess..

Mon Jul 24, 05:31:00 PM  
Anonymous D. Harris said...

Still, $23.00 is $23.00! Save it for Daytona! Woohoo!

Wed Aug 02, 09:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thu Aug 17, 04:46:00 PM  

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