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Monday, June 26, 2006


This is Leo.

He's in his 70s and living life to the fullest.

Even though he just got a divorce after being married for years, he bought himself a fancy sports car, goes on exotic vacations and can cook a mean seafood dinner from what I understand.

It's nice to know that someone who has been through a lot still wants to enjoy all that life has to offer.

We should appreciate our health and what we have no matter what, just like Leo does.

You can't keep this guy down!


Anonymous Sophia Murano Lambargini said...

This guy is really cool I bet he has really cool friends-if not I would like to be one!!!!

Go, Leo, Go

Mon Jun 26, 09:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Jacob Morris said...

Hey, Leo-how about dinner?-You are too cool

Mon Jun 26, 09:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Claudia Francesca said...

Life gets better with age-especially if you are a 'quality expensive wine'

Here is to Leo-a toast!

Mon Jun 26, 10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous old as you feel said...

nice shorts, Leo

Mon Jun 26, 11:56:00 AM  
Anonymous 80lady said...

does he like older women? don't know if he can keep up with me, though!

Mon Jun 26, 12:09:00 PM  
Blogger Diana Fasanella said...

Hey 80lady, glad to see you're still with us. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

I think Leo is up for any kind of fun! Age doesn't matter.

You've got to like fast cars and don't mind getting your hair messed in his covertible, though. He also is well versed in using an iPod and computer literate!

Mon Jun 26, 12:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the hell happened.
-Cora Harvey Armstrong

Mon Jun 26, 01:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Mafald Ricotta said...

This Leo is such a HUNK that I burnt my mushrooms looking at his picture blown up

Nice shorts-I agree-where did you get them?

Mon Jun 26, 02:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

Dear Diana.
Thank you for the nice comments about me. However, since I did not give you permission to publish a near naked picture of me, my lawyer will contact you.(You just cannot get Paparazzi out of your past)
About Sophia and Claudia's comments: While nice, I have a feeling they are related to Jacob Morris.
I liked 80lady best. Now there is a sprited challenge. I would like to ask her to meet me with her running shoes on the board walk to settle, who can keep up?(I give her 500 yards lead for every year she is my senior, since I am only 75.)
After, we can all come back, Sophia, Claudia,80lady,Cora,you and your only two friends and naturally my Lawyer to relax in the Hot Tub. I will serve drinks only. I am not cooking this time.
PS: Just remember my Hot Tub Dress Code: "You must wear a smile, everything else is optional"

Mon Jun 26, 03:38:00 PM  
Anonymous 80lady said...

honey, I don't need 500 yards or any lead..YOU will need the head start! just curious, was the next frame of that photo, EMT's giving you CPR? just checking, don't want any false advertising with any doctored photos! but just in case, I am trained CPR so I could give you mouth-to-mouth...only for medical reasons of course!

Mon Jun 26, 05:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is this, freakin' love connection? I'm outta here in two plus two!

Mon Jun 26, 08:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

Dear 80lady.

Obviously, you are changing the subject of the original challenge.
OK. I meet you on the same boardwalk on a bench so you can practice your CPR, just to save some life in the future, provided you permit me to carry you down the beach, near the foaming arches of the tide, to renact the seen from the classic move: From Here To Eternity.
PS: Remember, I am more than just an Old Flirt.

Tue Jun 27, 09:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Leo and Spud one and the same person?

Tue Jun 27, 09:48:00 AM  
Blogger Diana Fasanella said...

Is Leo Spud? No.

Tue Jun 27, 09:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, then leo is your ex-hubby!

Tue Jun 27, 10:52:00 AM  
Anonymous 80lady said...

sorry, Leo..I better stop the online flirting before you get too interested in me..I can't date a divorcee, too much baggage..just like a married man is, too..I guess our movie would be "An Almost-Affair to Remember"...or forget!

Tue Jun 27, 10:56:00 AM  
Blogger Diana Fasanella said...

Not ex-hubby either

Tue Jun 27, 11:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Jossy from Jersey said...

To the 80 year young-you don't know what you are missing

Tue Jun 27, 04:15:00 PM  
Anonymous 80lady said...

he's too old for me anyway!

Tue Jun 27, 10:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

Dear 80lady.

I forgot to thank you for in your first note for calling me "Honey"

We went down hill after that.
Now you say: "I am too old for you." So be it.
Now I am forced to persuade more vigorously a 29 year old I know, that I am not too old for her.


Wed Jun 28, 11:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Jersey Jossy said...

Be careful what you wish for the 29 year old may turn out to be a rabbit in sable fur

Wed Jun 28, 01:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, and you know who foots the bill for the sable fur? the old coot!

Wed Jun 28, 02:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Jacob Morris said...

Right on - anonymous!

Wed Jun 28, 02:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

Dear jersey jossy

Belive me,I do know the difference between Rabbit and Sable.
She does look like a Sable. If she wants to behave like a Rabbit, I will be the last one to complain.

Wed Jun 28, 03:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's funny how more attractive old men become when they have some extra cash to spend on the golddiggers! hey, leo instead of wasting it on a shallow youngster, donate it!

Wed Jun 28, 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

To anonymous.

You said:"I shoud donate"

If I wish to be funny,I would ask: Donate cash to a charity or donate to a sperm bank. (It is applicable, since I picked the right parents and inherited fantastics genetics.)

But to be serious: I can see your logical point. To assure you, I am repatively old but not foolish. I recognize gold-diggers and bimbos. Belive me, it does complicate forming new friendships.

When it comes to donations: Even though I am not rich, only comfortable, I spend about 50% of my income on taxes and charity. Care to match it?

The person of my interest, despite her age, is, intelligent, beautiful, educated and accoplished way beyond her age. She is far from being a gold-digger or a bimbo. ( I think, in my attempt to be funny, I owe her an appology in my rabbit reference.)

After being rejected by an 89 years old because of baggage,please, try not to blame me for my renewed attempt to persue her again.

Be a friend and wish me luck.


Wed Jun 28, 09:52:00 PM  
Anonymous smell the coffee said...

Wake up Leo!

Thu Jun 29, 08:42:00 AM  
Anonymous 80lady said...

I am just-turned 80, not 89 but I wish you much happiness and fun in your pursuit! (you may consider typing/spelling class or better yet,a young, beautiful English teacher who has her own nest egg)...

Thu Jun 29, 11:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Pete said...

You da man,Mr.Leo!
In a youth oriented society,it is nice to see someone set a standard that I may want to shoot for when I hit that age.Actor Tony Randall was in fact a hero of mine.Married to his wife for 50 years.He cared for her, losing her ultimately to cancer.He then remarries at age 74 and has two children with his new wife!
Age is largely mind over matter.
"You don't mind,it don't matter"

Wed Jul 12, 10:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um....Tony Randall died last year, didn't he?

Wed Jul 12, 09:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

To anonymous:

Yes, Tony Randal did pass away last year. Did you know that it took a small fortune for his youg wife to pay the undertaker to wipe off the grin from his face.

Thu Jul 13, 08:11:00 PM  

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