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Friday, March 16, 2007


It's tit for tat.

Georgia Senate Rules Committee members unanimously signed off on a plan to designate April as Confederate heritage month. The bill introduced by Sen. Jeff Mullis is now headed for Senate approval.

A few days before, black lawmakers announced their plan to ask for an apology from the state for its role in slavery and segregation, a move Georgia legislative leaders did not embrace with enthusiasm.

Aren't there already plenty of Confederate museums, cemeteries and memorials to honor those who fought for southern independence in the Civil War? And who would the state be apologizing to ... the descendants of descendants of slaves long gone?

I'm just wondering why there's such a need to continue the fight.

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Anonymous mlk said...

There is a need to continue the fight because Racism is alive and well and living in the United States.

Fri Mar 16, 10:45:00 AM  
Anonymous michaela said...

An apology then, if racism is alive and well, would be untruthful then, wouldn't it?

Fri Mar 16, 11:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Move on Brotha' said...

because if we finally let go of the past, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton -who are the biggest racists and hypocrites out there crying racism for anything involving a white police officer and a black man, regardless of the facts - would be out of the national spotlight and the celebrity and all the perks that entails..they hate the idea that whites/blacks, etc can/do get along//whites are discriminated against and not allowed to demand their rights with a "white history month" or get equal jobs because a quota is demanded by blacks,etc even if they are not the best qualified..the past is the past...don't blame the 4th and 5th generations for our forefathers' sins if we are not continuing them..enough already..the reason Al Sharpton is starting his tirade against Barak Obama is purely out of jealousy that he is now the #1 black politician at the helm and has even mocked his half-black/white heritage as "not black enough" - now that is as racist as you can get Mr. Sharpton..

Fri Mar 16, 12:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Pete said...

"A house divided against itself will stand no longer".

~ Abraham Lincoln

Fri Mar 16, 01:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Job said...

Hey, Move On Brotha', you are partially correct -- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are sleazeball opportunists. But think about all the upstanding citizens in this country who would not vote for Obama simply because of the color of his skin.

We've got a long way to go.

Sat Mar 17, 10:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racism continues to exist in our country. It will not be eradicated by a resolution of apology for slavery. It would be exacerbated by an official celebration of a failed attempt to perpetuate slavery.

The solution lies not in our legislatures, but within ourselves.

Mon Mar 19, 09:47:00 AM  
Anonymous proofreader said...

or because his middle name is Hussein..

Mon Mar 19, 12:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slavery, ancestors of slaves, what a crutch!!! MOVE ON BROTHA!!!! The only thing holding them down is themselves. Get over it, get educated, and get on with it.

Wed Mar 21, 07:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Hartster said...

So when is the US going to apologize for everything else - sending its citizens who were Japanese to internment camps, growing tobacco which in the form of cigarettes has killed people, being the host country of companies (like United Fruit) which decided that because a foreign country has some resources, its OK to take over the country and mold the government to their favor? I just don't get what an apology does - if anything, it's too little, too late.

Sun Mar 25, 05:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Di,
Dot asked me to stop here at your site. Did you attend DHS?

Thu Mar 29, 01:57:00 PM  

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